How Leading Web3 Companies are Onboarding Thousands of Users

18 December 2023

In the evolving landscape of web3, innovative companies are finding groundbreaking ways to rapidly expand their user bases. Pioneers like The Sandbox, SI Tickets, and SuperWorld are reshaping user acquisition and engagement strategies. These leading companies have harnessed the power of strategic partnerships to achieve remarkable growth, with Rewardable playing a pivotal role in their success. This article delves into their achievements and how these collaborations are setting new benchmarks in the web3 space.

Sheesha Finance: The Power of Engagement

Sheesha Finance, a Web3 tokenized Venture Studio, sought to broaden its user base and enhance brand visibility. Collaborating with Rewardable, they launched a campaign designed to attract and engage a wide audience. The key to its success lay in the campaign’s ability to resonate with users through a compelling reward and straightforward task completions including following their social media and providing a crypto wallet address.

In an impressive showcase of efficacy, the campaign witnessed over 4400 total visits, with more than 1650 unique visits. Moreover, Rewardable users completed over 4500 tasks on Sheesha Finance’s campaign page. These metrics underscore not just the campaign’s reach but also its ability to engage users actively and meaningfully.

What set this campaign apart was its focus on meaningful engagement. By encouraging users to complete various tasks, Sheesha Finance didn’t just increase its visibility; it also fostered a deeper connection with potential clients. This approach ensured that the new sign-ups were not just numbers but engaged and interested individuals.

The Sandbox: A Story of Strategic Growth with Rewardable

The Sandbox, renowned for crafting a virtual world where imagination meets reality, embarked on a remarkable journey of user expansion, driven by its strategic partnership with Rewardable. This venture was bolstered by offering an enticing reward campaign: an exclusive Sandbox Limited Edition Avatar NFT. This digital collectible, playable within The Sandbox metaverse, attracted over 1400 new users, resulting in more than 6000 total visits and a staggering 7100 completed tasks. The allure of winning a unique NFT created a buzz that resonated deeply with the web3 community. Sebastien Borget, Co-Founder & COO of The Sandbox, accentuates this alliance as a significant leap forward, highlighting the pivotal role of innovative rewards in fostering the adoption and integration of web3 technologies.

SI Tickets: Maximizing Reach and Engagement with Rewardable

SI Tickets, known for prioritizing a transparent and fan-centric experience, successfully broadened its reach and deepened user engagement through a strategic partnership with Rewardable. Their campaign was amplified by a compelling reward offering – a $10 discount on event ticket purchases. This attractive incentive played a pivotal role in their campaign’s success, attracting over 2200 new users. The campaign saw impressive metrics, including over 9000 total visits and more than 6300 tasks completed, demonstrating the effective pull of a well-crafted reward. The significant increase in SI Tickets’ user base and the high level of engagement underscore the power of coupling targeted digital rewards with strategic marketing efforts.

SuperWorld: Accelerating User Acquisition with Rewardable’s Unique Offer

SuperWorld, a leader in the virtual real estate sector within augmented reality, witnessed a remarkable surge in user acquisition and engagement through their partnership with Rewardable. The campaign’s centerpiece was an enticing reward: the distribution of 10,000 NFTs, each representing a unique plot of virtual land in SuperWorld. This innovative reward attracted a vast audience, resulting in over 3900 new users and more than 19500 tasks completed, signifying a deep level of participant engagement. The campaign also recorded over 21100 total visits and over 7800 unique visits, highlighting the allure and effectiveness of offering exclusive digital assets as rewards. SuperWorld’s success story with Rewardable demonstrates the potential of integrating unique digital rewards, like Metaverse NFTs, into marketing strategies to capture the attention and imagination of a wide audience.

 Hrish Lotikar, Co-Founder and CEO of SuperWorld, attributes their accelerated user acquisition and sales growth in virtual real estate to their innovative campaign with Rewardable.

Rewardable’s Role: Targeting for Success

A crucial factor in these campaign’s overwhelming success was Rewardable’s unique ability to target users specifically tailored to each brand’s needs. Rewardable’s platform stands out for its sophisticated user targeting capabilities, carefully selecting individuals based on their interests, preferences, and geographical location. This precision in reaching the right audience ensured that brands connected with individuals most likely to engage and convert into active clients.

By focusing on targeted user engagement, Rewardable ensured that brand’s  message reached an audience primed for their offerings. This approach not only maximized the effectiveness of the campaigns but also enhanced the quality of the interactions, leading to more meaningful and lasting client relationships. The ability to tailor user engagement to specific client needs is what sets Rewardable apart, making it an invaluable partner for businesses seeking to run highly effective, customized marketing campaigns.

Testimonials Speak Volumes

These impressive numbers are further validated by testimonials from key figures in these companies. Saeed Hareb Al Darmaki, Founder & CEO of Sheesha Finance, praises Rewardable for significantly boosting user engagement and serving as an innovative tool for customer acquisition.


The success stories of The Sandbox, SI Tickets, Sheesha Finance and SuperWorld, underscored by powerful testimonials, illustrate the transformative impact of strategic collaborations in the web3 ecosystem. These companies have not only amplified their reach but have also set new standards in user acquisition and engagement, showcasing the potential of web3 technologies in reshaping digital interactions and experiences. As web3 continues to evolve, these innovators serve as beacons, guiding the way for others in the industry.

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