Empowering Marketing Agencies & Venture Builders

Welcome to the Rewardable Partner Program

We’re partnering with top-tier marketing agencies and venture builders to supercharge community growth and customer acquisition.

By blending your industry expertise with our innovative rewards system, we aim to offer your clients and portfolio companies an unmatched edge in growing their customer base.

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Benefits of Partnership

Revenue Share

Earn a 25% commission for every client or portfolio company you onboard to Rewardable, with commission payouts made monthly.

Client Discount

Your clients benefit from a 25% discount on Rewardable's pricing when they sign up through your partnership.

Enhanced Offerings

Bolster your service suite by integrating Rewardable's state-of-the-art rewards system, providing your clients with a distinct advantage in the realm of engagement and acquisition.

Growth Opportunities

Tap into Rewardable's expansive, ready-to-engage user base, creating amplified growth avenues for your clients.

Dedicated Support

Benefit from our dedicated support team, ensuring frictionless integration and optimal campaign delivery for all your client initiatives.

Co-Marketing Opportunities

Secure a lucrative commission for every client or portfolio company you bring onboard to Rewardable – a partnership that rewards for the long term.

Partner Spotlight

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Partnership Application

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